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Our Rescues

NHER takes in equines in need from a variety of different situations.

We take in owner surrenders, buy from auctions, purchase directly from the kill pen and more! We have15 had just about every breed of horse, ponies, donkeys and mules too! We have had ex racehorses, feral horses, ex amish horses and everything in between! Some of our rescues make fantastic trail horses, show horses, companion horses, lesson horses, etc.

 Every equine is quarantined and evaluated for health, soundness and mental concerns. Our equines are rehabilitated and adopted into forever homes. We are never in a hurry to adopt them out. Each equine works its way through our process on their own timeframe.

While we are not a sanctuary we do have a handful of permanent residents that are unadoptable do to physical disabilities and will stay with us to receive the care and love they deserve for the rest of their days. 

We welcome volunteers and visitors by appointment. We are also looking for sponsors for some of our rescues too! If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us, please dont hesitate! 

We run solely on donations and monthly contributors. 

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